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VDay: The Single Way!

Posted on: February 7, 2011

French Martini PairI am *so* sick of all the Vday haters out there- there is no reason to get angsty even if you’re single! If you’re whining about how sucky it is to be single this Valentine’s Day, you’re not doing it right! Here are my ideas to be fabulous flying solo!

-Why aren’t you at the spa??? It’s February 7th. I got a massage TODAY.  That’s how serious I am about reclaiming this holiday. So you know, the massage was phenomenal and it was $20 off. Check out Yelp for some great deals! Also, getting a sexy new ‘do, a tan (that’s safe), hot stone therapy or other spa regimen is totally acceptable-best part is ladies?  You pay and leave- no obligatory “returning the favor!”

-There ain’t nothin’ wrong with treating yourself! While some women take sending yourself flowers to a really sad, scary, and let’s face it- pathetic place (since “no one else would do it”)-YIKES.   There is nothing wrong with getting yourself flowers, chocolates, a stuffed animal of a Cupid-impaling-a-teddy bear-with-an-arrow…whatever floats your boat. I got carnations for the apartment and some O.P.I. nailpolish in delish colors. New video games, a sexy new sweater, a delectable lip color- make yourself proud!

-Plan something fun with other (non-mopey) people. While going to a restaurant on Vday can be a disaster, you and your single friends can plan something alternatively fun, and let the other love-doped lemmings cliff dive into unreasonably high expectations, even higher prices, crowded restaurants and sappy accordion music.  Good booze, good friends and of course, maybe some smack-talk about the aforementioned lemmings in your life will make for a good time!

-Throw A Party! Last year, I put together a party at the last minute.  Everyone showed up with some tasty h’ordurves, and we did a gift exchange so we could get our kicks buying chocolates and crappy rose petal bath salts.  I supplied the  chocolate martinis and  ended up with Godiva chocolates and Philosophy Raspberry Souflee bodywash in the gift exchange…good deal.  Or, if you have suffered a recent breakup- light up the fireplace and go ahead and toast your buddies as you burn anything remotely reminiscent of the jerkface and let Vday be the start of something new!

-Buy this heart box of adorable plush venereal diseases. Because you sure aren’t catching the real thing from someone else!  High fives to you!

The point is, it doesn’t matter what you do- as long as you aren’t whining about being single.   Being single is totally awesome- and if you don’t think it is, get your tush online and sign up for E-harmony or (use a coupon at CouponCactus with my Usercode of course)-no harm, no foul.   I admit I’m guilty of hinging my self-worth on the affection of others- but admit it, Valentine’s Day is not really the best measure of how awesome you are.  It’s typically just a way for couples to get all superficial and put a price tag on a token of love (which was probably manufactured in China and ridiculously overpriced).

Let this February 14th will be a great day to foster the love you have, and to bring new love into your life- one martini at a time!


4 Responses to "VDay: The Single Way!"

I like your post and the positive mentality. I was wondering though, why do most of the things to perk ourselves up and be happy involve buying & spending? Can’t we have fun without constantly having to consume?

I understand that treating yourself from time to time can be nice, but am a firm believer that happiness can be found beyond retail therapy.

Thanks for the comment! I think you have a very valid point that perks and pampering can go beyond consumerism. Often, some of the best perks are spa treatments that can be done at home, or simply taking time for yourself that doesn’t cost anything! I just know though, there are some great deals out there, and sometimes there can be joy in treating oneself to flowers or a sappy teddy bear if that’s what you need to reclaim the holiday from marketers that make us feel insecure about our relationship status. You truly can’t put a price on happiness, and being around the ones you love, shopping or not is really what counts. 🙂 …and I hope you have a fabulous Vday!

I had such a blast at your party last year with those awesome chocolate martinis! My roomie and I hosted a small party on Monday and it was so much fun 🙂 We had pink margaritas, but I totally forgot about the chocolate martinis until it was too late… ahh well, next year 🙂

There is always time for Chocolate Martinis- Vday or not! But ooh, pink margaritas? How about this, we get together somewhere in the middle of California and Chicago and you bring the margaritas and I’ll mix the martinis 😉

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