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About  For Frugal Single Girls Everywhere!

The goal of is to create meaningful content for women who want more in life than what’s put on a high interest credit card.  FruBru is a blog about life and love- pursuing meaningful relationships with self and others, a solid understanding of financial choices, goal setting and empowerment that comes from within.  I want women to make educated choices that will free them- to understand money, and focus on career and relationship commitments that matter.

Everyday I read a variety of blogs for financial information, relationship advice and inspiration.  FruBu will attempt to consolidate those topics with a twist- and will seek to explore new ways for women to make more money, forge their own paths and take control of their life by presenting alternative choices, lifestyles and ideas.  My goal in creating FruBu is to create a dialogue about women getting “in-the-know,” about our financial options for the future and maintaining our technological lives of the present day.

FruBu incorporates the varied aspects of women’s interests:  Saving money on fashionable purchases, while still saving money for our futures.  Finding solutions to live meaningful lives today and finding simple joys while still building for bigger goals and dreams.  Learning how to take care of ourselves when we’ve been taught to “care for others.”  Empowering ourselves to take the reigns and get a foot in the door of a typically male-oriented dialogue about technology and finance.

About The Author:

I’m Ruby- a 24 year old- frugal single girl.  A recent transplant to Chicago who is negotiating what it means to be a young woman with unprecedented options and opportunity and little guidance on how to captitalize on it- but I’m learning!   I was able to graduate from a 4-year undergraduate university debt-free, but am now attempting to pay for graduate school and live in a new city without going in the red.  I love crafting, fashion, pugs, and I love to write.  I am fascinated by the world of blogging and love the friendships it creates and the opportunity it presents for women like myself who are delving into freelance work.

Admittedly, I know less than I should about blogging, computers and finance- but that’s sadly where a lot of women stand and that is why I wanted to start this blog.  My hope is my readers and I can learn together and go through the journey of being more knowledgeable about a variety of topics that will make life easier and more rewarding.

That's me, living the frugal beautiful life!

1 Response to "About"

Lovely to meet somone else who knows how to manage money, before it manages them! Your blog looks so interesting, I can’t wait to read more! 😀

Louise. 🙂

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