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I ❤ my Droid, but sometimes, its lack of apps has left me feeling like the kid in gradeschool with the cr*ppy bologna sandwich when all the other kids get to play with their awesome Lunchables.

Luckily, the Droid is finally catching up with new apps- renewing Droid lovers with a fresh sense of gusto and pride which enables us to spar with the most obnoxious of  iPwned iPhone enthusaists.

Here are some of my fave Droid Apps:



Androdify: Look! It’s Android Ruby at FrugalBeautiful!  Yes…this glam lil Droid wasmade on my phone and is great if you have time to kill and want to “Droid-ify” all of your contacts.  Plus it’s completely free.








Angry Birds: When this gem of a game came to Droid I nearly died of glee.  Play it, you will be addicted. Get the Lite version for free.







Foursquare: I am addicted to getting these stupid badges.  I check in everywhere I go, and even created nerdy Doctor Who inspired check-ins to my frequented spots.  I never got to be a Girl Scout, this will have to do.





Astrid Tasks: I’m not sure if the creepy-cute logo sold me, or the fact that I can hack through tasks like a stealthy ninja on FourLoco, but this list manager totally looks sleek and makes your “To-Do” far more “Ta-Da!”

Oh- and did I mention it syncs with GoogleTasks and has a timer feature?  Squee!

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