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227/365: Happy Bench Monday {Amigurumi Edition}!
Knit and crochet has seen a revival lately with the popularity of amigurumi (seen here) and a need for cheap pastimes that doubles for gift-giving!

Why should you learn to knit or crochet?

-Amigurumi, Scarves, Coffee Sleeves are always a big hit. Friends will love that you made it yourself, and you will be beaming with pride.  For those that actually appreciate a gift like this, you will get quite a reputation since they have a tendency to brag whenever inquired about their adorable scarf or legwarmers.

-It *can* be really cheap. Granted, if you go crazy with buying more supplies and yarn than you need, or start out with a bunch of artisan/hand painted yarns, you can easily spend $40 on a single scarf.  It might be tempting to go overboard and buy the gorgeous alpaca blend on your first project, but for starters- get an affordable yarn and try to find coupons!

-Stitch-N-Bitches. SnB’s are essentially modern day “knitting circles,” and consist of women and men that get together at a park, coffee shop, yarn shops, etc. to just craft, brainstorm projects and socialize.  Find a local SnB on

-Baskets of yarn are great décor. You know how when you walk into a space that has a bookshelf full of books it leads you to believe the person is well-read and cultured? Or someone with a shelf of nicely arranged wines makes you think they’re mature and have great taste in food?  Seeing an adorable basket of gorgeous yarns next to a chair or in a windowsill will leave your visitors thinking, “Wow, this person is totally way cooler than I am, I wish *I* had their taste.”  I’m serious.

-It makes movies bearable or at least productive. If you’re on a budget and watch most of your movies in-house, getting through 2 hours of SAW with hubbs (or wifey) will be that much better, and you can knit through the tension!  I once had a large Prayer Shawl to knit for a friend and finished it through the three Lord of the Rings movies.  Two birds. One Stone.  Good times.

-Learning is easy. Your crafter friend will be overjoyed if you ask her for lessons (trust me).  Anything you don’t know or need a refresher on can be found online at YouTube or another crafting website named below.

My favorite sites: -Tons of free patterns and online tutorials, plus a great podcast. -A community of other yarncrafters with patterns, forums and tons of pictures. -Great resource for inspiration and patterns -This was my first experience with the online crafting world (awww)- So nostalgic. – Great crochet patterns –  Online tutorials, ideas and an adorable layout. –  This woman is a knitting machine!  She churns out some of the most adorable creatures!

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