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I ❤ my Droid, but sometimes, its lack of apps has left me feeling like the kid in gradeschool with the cr*ppy bologna sandwich when all the other kids get to play with their awesome Lunchables.

Luckily, the Droid is finally catching up with new apps- renewing Droid lovers with a fresh sense of gusto and pride which enables us to spar with the most obnoxious of  iPwned iPhone enthusaists.

Here are some of my fave Droid Apps:



Androdify: Look! It’s Android Ruby at FrugalBeautiful!  Yes…this glam lil Droid wasmade on my phone and is great if you have time to kill and want to “Droid-ify” all of your contacts.  Plus it’s completely free.








Angry Birds: When this gem of a game came to Droid I nearly died of glee.  Play it, you will be addicted. Get the Lite version for free.







Foursquare: I am addicted to getting these stupid badges.  I check in everywhere I go, and even created nerdy Doctor Who inspired check-ins to my frequented spots.  I never got to be a Girl Scout, this will have to do.





Astrid Tasks: I’m not sure if the creepy-cute logo sold me, or the fact that I can hack through tasks like a stealthy ninja on FourLoco, but this list manager totally looks sleek and makes your “To-Do” far more “Ta-Da!”

Oh- and did I mention it syncs with GoogleTasks and has a timer feature?  Squee!

If you were to look in my Itunes account, this is exactly what you’d see:

The Suze Orman Show Podcast

I LOVE Suze Orman!  I adore the “Can I Afford It?” segment!  The stuff people buy is hilarious!  But beyond that- even if some of the financial talk is over your head, she speaks on some core heart issues- like helping out loved ones in need, long term planning and the correlation between our self image and our spending.  Brilliant!



This is a podcast about blogging- but often the interviews and personal stories of bloggers is what makes this podcast so great.  Truly blogging is a very unique industry, and the bloggers themselves are even more so!   This podcast offers some much needed guidance to make happy blogs and even happier bloggers.




In the Den with Dr. Jenn - Season 3In The Den With Dr. Jenn

This video podcast has been a favorite of mine for years!  Not only has Dr. Jenn taught at my Alma Mater, but she knows how to throw one heck of a party even in podcast form!  She tackles a variety of topics pertaining to women’s health in an unpredictable and entertaining way.  Totally recommended!


Morning Coach

This podcast is excellent to be paired with a cup of coffee in the morning!  Sometimes a little dose of “audio caffeine”  is exactly what you need to kick start your day!




The Daily Boost

If Morning Coach is caffeine, this is like a Monster energy drink in terms if measure solely on pep.  He’s got a radio talk-show host voice and plenty of spunk, especially good for those of us who have a “case of the Mondays” pretty much every day of the week.




The Smart Passive Income Podcast: Online Business | Blogging | Passive Income | Lifestyle


The Smart Passive Income Podcast w/ Pat Flynn

If you’re like me, a person who has been using the interwebs for ages but has *no* clue how it really “works,” and how people can monetize their time on it- well, this is the podcast is for you.




Anderson Cooper 360° Podcast

I love this podcast because it’s about all the news I can take in a day.  Small doses of decent coverage with a little bit of humor tacked on at the end.  Plus, Anderson is such a good lookin’ guy even the Egyptians want to hit that…literally…in the face.

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