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Steve Jobs - Limited TimeLife an unconventional life.  Follow your instinct and know it won’t make sense as you go through it, but filling your days with little things that bring you joy and fulfillment will eventually lead to a gorgeous story of your life when all is said and done.  Failure can be freeing.

You have to find what you love- do what you believe is great, no matter what that is.  You will know when you find it- don’t settle.

This is one of the most famous commencement speeches ever given- it has over 3 million Youtube hits and for good reason.  Steve Jobs is an American Icon, but he isn’t simply gloating about his success- he details his meanderings, his failings, his admonitions to love and follow that love.

15 minutes is all you need!

Tiffany - boxI have been writing here on FrugalBeautiful for about a month now.  I originally started this blog because I was obsessed with Tiffany & Co. without the money or even a clue how to get it.  My idea at first was to vent about my obsessions with expensive things I was just discovering as newly transplanted city-dweller, and the frustrations of not being able to afford any of it!  But FruBu became a lot more than that that fixation.  It has gone beyond the material beauty of the marketplace and has helped me to reconnect with the beauty of life that never gets featured in the shiny allure of the high-end Michigan Ave. storefronts.

After some soul searching and some writing on FruBu, I’ve realized that my obsession with the shiny allure of Tiffany was just a symbol for my search for love, beauty and simplicity, not so much the items itself.  Granted, I am rather fixated on a few pieces, but let’s keep this on the intangiles here… haha

I’m new to city life, new to being a grad student, new to the midwest, and new to an increasingly restricted budget- and doing this all as a single gal who previously didn’t know a soul in Chicago.  Focusing on the material can be a fabulous distraction, and sure, it can be a great outward status symbol, a way to validate yourself and your hard work,  and yes I’d kill to be able to afford any of it- but for me, obsessing over things I can’t afford was simply that- a distraction.   Sure, I still want my Tiffany, but I know I’m going to have to earn it myself, and owning a shiny bauble won’t create the fabulous life of my dreams- I am now working on making a frugal beautiful life on my own- the jewelry won’t make it for me.

In my less than 6 months in this amazing city I have discovered that love comes in many forms.  The city will break your heart many times, and you’ll fall in love with it again, and again.  Frugal living isn’t about living on rice and beans (I tried, it was awful), and there will be times you fail at sticking to a budget or living within your means.  Keep your eye on the prize and keep marching forward.

I’m learning that some things are worth spending your money on and can bring a lot of joy- you can’t deprive yourself of a cold glass of your favorite beer when you really need a pick-me-up.  I’m still saving for my special Tiffany piece,  but I am no longer waiting for some man to show up and buy it for me, nor am I using it as a measure of my success.  When I finally get my hands on a piece I can buy myself- in cash, I know it will simply be an accessory to a life I have crafted to its own fine beauty- and it is that day to day living, the fulfillment and experimentation, not so much the jewelry itself that will make the boldest statement.

Every once in awhile, I want to post a Bliss List. My friend Kassie and I used to post these for each other online before she passed away last year.  It’s basically a list of things that make us smile, things we’re thankful for- whatever makes us happy and comes to mind.  Here’s to Valentine’s Day, the life and the people I love, and here’s to Kassie:

-2.14.2011 Bliss List-

Those sexy little aforementioned blue boxes

Walking down Michigan Ave. in the snow at night

A cold glass of beer from The Rock Bottom

Unexpected mail

Pink Roses


Jenn Lancaster’s hilarious books

Getting comments from my readers ❤

Cuddling to sappy romantic comedies

“You Don’t Know Jacques!” Nailcolor by O.P.I.

Yankee Candles

That first cup of coffee in the morning, and how it smells glorious in the kitchen

Soft Water (even if it feels weird)

The oh-so-sexy look of liquid eyeliner

Hello Kitty

Post-It Notes

Cross-country roadtrips with friends

Knitting and listening to good podcasts

Pad Thai with fresh lime

When you can feel your heart skip a beat everytime you see that special someone

Kisses- from people and puppies alike

Playing hookie from class 😉

That feeling when your head first hits the pillow after a long day

The smell of Warm Vanilla Sugar

The way fresh snow glitters in the sunlight

Crayola markers

and…  Getting to post on FrugalBeautiful of course.

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